Spice Up Your Look with Luscious Layered Necklaces!

One of the things I cherish about fall and winter is layering. Soft, warm sweaters and giant scarves evoke all the feelings for me. Naturally, I am thrilled that layering jewelry has evolved into a fashion staple.

I’ve put together some tips and ideas for you to discover your own personal layering look.

Feeling sassy? Break the rules! Mix the colors of metals to create your own style. A personal favorite of mine is to wear the oxidized/gold lariat with the 30” bronze necklace with a diamond. The colors/textures harmonize really nicely together and play off one another.

Going for a more classic look? Symmetry is the key. Select an even number of necklaces that are similar in weight, material and embellishments. Choose colors or metals that compliment your top.


  • Spacing

The key to successful layering is spacing! Thoughtful spacing helps avoid tangling as you move throughout your day. I prefer significant spacing. My favorite pairing is an 18” chain with 24 or 30” chain.




  • The complete look
A harmonious and complete look can be found when you balance your necklace layers with other jewelry. Earrings, bracelets and rings can and should be added to your final look to create a stunning and powerful fashion statement.

  • Get the look without the work
Because there are just days when you want the look without the work, I have a myriad of options for you that do just that. Layers upon luscious layers in one easy step.
Now tell us, what are your layering tips and techniques? We all want to know!

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