I learn from others and I have always made things THAT I LOVE for the people I love.  Finding, crafting, weaving, working, forging, unforging, creating.   Like breathing, like blinking, I have been watching my art out of the corner of my eye for a long time.  First in flowers, then in yarn and fabric; in two dimensions, and in three; for my children, for my friends; with media enduring and others fleeting; in ways that were at once satisfying and incomplete. I am self-taught, but I am far from alone.  I learned from my mother.  Who learned from her’s.  To find beauty.  To cherish it.  To allow it space and time.  I learn from other artists about craft, and patience, and effort, and imperfection, and community.  And I learn from my children. Chikahisa Studio became official in 2010.  Modern. Sophisticated. Extraordinary


Ann Chikahisa