Here at Chikahisa Studio, we believe that every piece of jewelry has a personal story, so today I wanted to share mine with you!

Now, this might come as a surprise, but I never planned on becoming a jewelry designer! Honestly, it happened by accident!

It all began when I was working in the corporate world. While I had a great position, I had ZERO passion for the job. I worked long hours, every day, just to collect a paycheck. It was so unfulfilling that eventually I become completely disenchanted with my life. Wake up, work, sleep. I needed something that made me come ALIVE!

In an attempt to shake up my life, I signed up for a metalsmithing class at the local art center. I figured it would at least give me a creative focus outside of work. I had NO idea.

On the first day of class -- BOOM! Total connection and obsession. It was love at first site!

I wanted to find a hobby, but instead, I discovered a whole new direction in life!

From the start, I began playing with things I love~ organic shapes, textures, and chain.  Fashion has always been an important part of my life, so I pulled inspiration from high-end designs as well to create truly unique pieces.   Ultimately, I wanted my work to celebrate the beauty of imperfection because perfection is too predictable (aka boring!)!

However, I didn’t see my jewelry work as a potential business until a friend begged me to let her throw a trunk show at her house.  I sold over 65 pieces that day!  I was so taken aback by the response and honored to see other women connect to my work.  And so, Chikahisa Studio was born.

My mission is to bring more beauty and style to the world. Not the trend-driven, fashion victim way. But effortless, confident style that shows your personality.    I want you to go out and discover what makes YOU come alive then dive in without a reservation.

This is what Chikahisa Studio is all about. Let’s take chances, explore the unknown, and be extraordinary!